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Reasons to Never Enter Black Floodwaters

2/16/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Reasons to Never Enter Black Floodwaters Don't let a flood destroy your residential home; let our SERVPRO team restore the damage "Like it never even happened."

Black Floodwaters and The Precautions You Need to Take

While most floods present little danger to residents affected by them, violent floods and storm flooding, in particular, have the potential to seriously harm residents, both during and after the actual flood. These floods can sometimes leave behind black water, a type of floodwater that contains a host of risk factors and dangerous qualities and send you to the hospital if you are not careful. Black water is not always pitch black, but usually takes on a darker color and invariably has obvious hazards and floating particles that obscure sight through it. Be extremely cautious around black water, or else one of these aspects of it may stand to hurt you.

Broken Glass and Sharp Objects

When a home in Providence takes flood damage from a storm, it is common for glass, ceramics, and other breakable objects to shatter and become swept up in the flood. These pose a major infection risk, as even the smallest cut can quickly become infected in murky floodwaters. SERVPRO technicians always wear long sleeves and high boots to protect themselves in a flooded home, and you should try to cover bare skin as well. However, even with protective clothing, you should never enter the standing water without a SERVPRO technician's express permission.

Fire and Shock Hazards

Rampant among black water floods are electrocution and even fire hazards. Deep floodwaters may inundate power outlets, creating a deadly avenue for electricity into an unsuspecting victim. Alternatively, a household appliance or electronic device may malfunction and create an added hazard even in shallow waters. Some appliances may even create fire hazards despite being surrounded by water, so be careful around kitchen equipment or anything with the potential to short circuit.

Trip and Fall Hazards

Black water floods typically obscure whatever surface they lie on, making safe navigation through waters exceedingly difficult. Even if the water is an inch or less deep, it may be masking dangerous trip-and-fall hazards such as carpet folds or stray objects. Falling is dangerous in floods of any depth, as if you are knocked unconscious or otherwise unable to get up, you may drown.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County gets up close and personal with dangerous flood situations so that you do not have to. Call us at the first sign of damage to your home at (704) 847-8001.

Restoring Water Damage Quickly For Your Touchstone Village Apartments

2/2/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Water Damage Quickly For Your Touchstone Village Apartments Speed is essential when restoring structures and items damaged by water.

Water Damaged Apartments

When water damages even one of the units in your apartment building you have a crisis on your hands. The nature of apartment buildings, featuring shared walls, floors, and ceilings, shows how easily water moves from one rental space to the next. SERVPRO technicians work quickly to localize the damage, limiting your tenants’ inconvenience.

Water damage from a clogged shower drain inconveniences renters in your Touchstone Village apartment complex without a doubt. The tenant in the space with poorly draining shower must open his or her home to allow repairs. Other residents below or next to the drain may experience water damage to walls or ceilings. Your renters rely upon you providing a safe, dry environment for their quiet enjoyment of the apartments they lease from you. The reputation your building has for safety, and top-notch maintenance takes a hit when water damage spreads. Your renter’s inconvenience becomes your business disaster if you respond slowly or ineffectively to the problem.

The answer is to contract with SERVPRO for fast action that eliminates the need for any of your tenants to leave while we resolve the water damage. Our mission is restoration, a process that abates water damage more quickly and without the mess and time needed to tear out and repair the damage. Your job as a landlord is to contact us as soon as you become aware of the water damage. Speed is essential when restoring structures and items damaged by water. Water removed from walls, ceilings, and floors before they become saturated means only drying may be necessary to return the apartments to normal. Avoid bulging walls and wavy floorboards or loosened tiles when we address water damage immediately.

Our crew arrives with the proper equipment necessary to extract the water and dry out the materials. The technicians we sent have training and experience in cleaning up the water and reducing the moisture in walls, floors, and ceilings. Water extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers reduce the humidity and dry the structure efficiently. We arrange for resolution of the plumbing issues, so water is not a problem in the future. You need not evacuate your tenants while we do our work, saving you money and your renters the disruption of even a temporary move.

Call SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County when your tenants report water damage. Dispatchers are waiting to set up an appointment with one of our project managers (704) 847-8001.

Ten Things You Should Know About Mold Damage In Your Providence Home

1/26/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Ten Things You Should Know About Mold Damage In Your Providence Home Mold can grow on virtually any substance, wood, paper, carpet, and foods are all affected.

What You Need To Know About Mold

Commonly enough, companies try to scare you into acquiring their mold treatment services. In our case, we would rather attempt to teach you how to avoid mold infestations altogether.

Having the knowledge needed to prevent mold damage situations from occurring in your Providence home saves you from potentially costly situations. However, if you ever run into something that you cannot handle, just remember, we are only a phone call away. We are available 24-7, including holidays and have the equipment, personnel, and training to tackle any size job.

SERVPRO technicians would like to share ten things you should know about Mold in your home:

1.) Certain types of mold spores may cause health effects in certain members of your family.

2.) Total elimination of microscopic mold spores found in your home is impossible to do.

3.) Removing the source of moisture and cleaning up infected areas is your primary goal.

4.) Properly maintain water sources to prevent mold growth from occurring at all.

5.) Maintain an indoor humidity level of 30-60% by properly ventilating bathrooms, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.

6.) Damp or Wet materials should be dried properly within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.

7.) Infected hard surfaces cleaned with a water-detergent combination that you dry completely will often survive a mold infestation.

8.) Correctly add insulation to cold surfaces where condensation exists.

9.) Do not install carpeting in areas that contain constant moisture sources such as, drinking fountains, sinks, or bathrooms.

10.) Mold can grow on virtually any substance, wood, paper, carpet, and foods are all affected.

Mold infestations do not need to be a regular occurrence in your home. Following these simple guidelines allows you an opportunity to avoid costly damages and help your family prevent dangerous situations. However, at SERVPRO we have also learned that mold has a way of avoiding detection by hiding in areas that may be hard to find. When this happens, professional services are needed to address the situation properly.

SERVPRO technicians use the latest techniques and offer you several services to mitigate any mold damage situation that occurs on your property. We can provide you with services to ensure a safe, healthy environment for you and your family to enjoy. Give SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County a call when you need assistance (704) 847-8001.

Powerful Concerns Are Raised By Recent Flood Damage In Charlotte And Are Met By SERVPRO

1/9/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Powerful Concerns Are Raised By Recent Flood Damage In Charlotte And Are Met By SERVPRO Recent seasons have shown the power flood damage can have over the lives of Charlotte residents.

Flood Damage Concerns

Heavy rains were the norm this past autumn in south central North Carolina. Rather than inconveniencing residents for an afternoon or a day or two the historic rainfall caused significant flood damage for homeowners. If you experienced water damage in your home because of the flooding, you might have turned to SERVPRO for expert assistance with this type of catastrophic event. We hope to earn your trust by providing top notch flood damage mitigation, from extracting large quantities of water to thoroughly cleaning and drying out affected areas, returning your home to a pre-loss condition. As the process of flood damage control evolves in each dwelling, our well-trained staff responds appropriately to challenges presented.

Recent seasons have shown the power flood damage can have over the lives of Charlotte residents. When so many people suffer significant losses during a cataclysmic natural disaster such as these latest flooding how can we properly respond to the needs of all of our potential customers? We are uniquely positioned to deliver extraordinary levels of quality flood damage remediation because we are a franchise that can leverage the capacity of a nationwide connected fraternity of over 1700 restoration specialist companies. There is no standing in line waiting a turn when we unleash the power of our Catastrophic Storm and Major Event Response team. No client is too small for our complete attention while no storm presents a challenge too large for us to resolve.

Our collaboration with other SERVPRO franchises is the key to our rapid and effective response in a time when many need flood damage restoration. If your home experiences a flooding disaster, when the washing machine overflows or a pipe bursts, we are also there for our customers. Our staff is trained in every applicable flood damage response on a continuing basis but also are noted to be compassionate, polite, punctual, and diligent. Our goal is to make your home look "Like it never even happened." Whatever your flood damage story is, we are the restoration firm for you.

Contact SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County to discuss your needs when flood waters or any derivation overwhelm your home. Operators are waiting at (704) 847-8001 to match you with a team of certified flood damage restoration professionals who will put you and your family first.

Commercial Water Damage Effects in Charlotte

12/15/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage Effects in Charlotte Flood waters can engulf your business. Call SERVPRO quickly to assess and remediate!

SERVPRO Remediates Your Damage Quickly to Prevent any Secondary Issues

Flooding effects on a commercial property can be devastating. Damaging water can be the result of hurricanes or thunderstorms. Equally costly are the results from water leaks and damaged plumbing to the building and any property inside the affected area. In addition to these problems are possible health concerns to employees and customers who may be exposed to mold and bacteria.

SERVPRO can help you reduce the effects of commercial water damage to your Charlotte business or other properties. The first day of exposure can determine how bad the damage can be, which is why we keep a 24-hour response team on call; even on Christmas. We understand exactly how important it is to get into your facility and begin water removal.

This is only the first step, however. The restoration process we have developed over decades in the business can be adapted to any situation, regardless of how large or how small it may be. Once our inspector has quickly checked your structure, we will begin these steps:

  • Removal of standing water
  • Air moisture detection and testing
  • Mold testing and identification
  • Mold remediation and removal of infected property
  • Dehumidification of excess air moisture
  • Disinfection of the structure and affected property
  • Carpet cleaning, restoration and removal if needed
  • Stain removal
  • Drying of the structure and affected property

Once this work has been completed, our inspectors will perform another final check of the structure with you to make sure all work has been completed to your satisfaction. As a locally owned franchise, you are a fellow business owner to us, not just another job. Getting you back up and serving our community is our goal.

If you have a flooding problem or suspect that you may still have damage from a previous flooding, contact us immediately. SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County is ready to respond immediately. Call us at (704) 847-8001 to get started today.

Flood Damage In Charlotte Need Not Derail Your Holiday Plans

12/8/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage In Charlotte Need Not Derail Your Holiday Plans There is never a good time to have a flooded home. Call SERVPRO without delay to remediate!

Quick Actions Can Prevent Secondary Damage

Appliances can malfunction at the worst times, and when they are connected to your water supply, the breakdown can be complicated by the unexpected flooding of your home. A clog in your dishwasher can inundate your kitchen, while a crack in an older water heater can send 40 or more gallons of water across your basement floor or down the hallway out of your utility closet. Leaky seals on your front loading washer means water spews throughout your laundry room. Any of these crises can be a serious problem at any time of year, but if you are expecting overnight guests or are hosting a holiday party, you really need the help of SERVPRO to remediate a flooding disaster. We arrive fast, ready to stop the flow and then extract the water from your home’s structure, drying floors, walls and ceilings as well as furnishings and personal belonging damaged by the flood.
Flood damage in Charlotte due to appliance failure is a common problem and one we are very experienced in responding to for members of our community. If this kind of disaster happens when you have company coming or a holiday around the corner you will be tempted to take a shortcut to resolve the problem. You may feel that you can mop up the area and return your kitchen, laundry area or basement to its pre-loss condition without assistance, but water damage from a flooding appliance can be more extensive than you realize, resulting in warped floors, peeling or bubbling paint, or the potential for microbial overgrowth. Consult with us after flooding damages your home and we will carefully investigate where the water traveled and then use our experience and training to dry structures and contents properly and rapidly, returning your home to a pre-flooding condition.
The specialized equipment SERVPRO technicians use can make very short work of your appliance flooding woes. We have professional grade moisture extractors, air movers, and heaters that reduce the moisture content of affected items swiftly, setting your house back in order in record time. Our certified technicians know how to remove the water and then take the proper steps to restore the structural components of your home so that your holiday preparations can continue “Like it never even happened.”
Don’t cancel the holidays if flooding interferes with your plans. SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County is available 24/7 with a call to (704) 847-8001, our staff ready to restore your home for your celebration.

Why You Shouldn't Wait for Getting Help with Office Water Damage in Charlotte

11/10/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Why You Shouldn't Wait for Getting Help with Office Water Damage in Charlotte SERVPRO Restores Water Damage to a Charlotte Office Space

Commercial Water Damage Takes on Many Forms

If your office has taken on water damage, be it from a storm or the back restroom, it's best to get it taken care of by professionals straight away rather than waiting for symptoms to appear. Timing is critical in many water damage scenarios, and a delay can lead to multiple types of complications and an overall tougher situation. For the sake of time and money alike, here are some reasons why you should seek help with water damages sooner rather than later.
Water Expansion
When commercial water damage in Charlotte is severe enough to cause flooding, it may seem easy to get the water out of the building and leave the floor to dry. However, a small portion of the water will often slip into any cracks or creases in your foundation and floor (these may be microscopic in size). Once inside, the water will become stuck, especially if it has flooring material over it. These small inserts of lingering water will, over time, expand and contract with temperature changes, leading to long-term damage to your foundation. This is a greater problem in northern regions but still presents itself in our state.
Mold Growth
Mold is a silent but very dangerous force in a building. Water is one of the few things it needs to grow, and unexpected water damage creates ideal conditions for mold growth in your building. Mold can cause structural damage, release strong foul odors, and even cause health issues, so you should try to stamp it out before it ever gets a chance to grow. SERVPRO emphasizes the rapid removal of unwanted water and moisture to mitigate this growth from occurring.
Stains can be removed easily enough if the material that caused them is dealt with quickly. However, if it is left to dry out and ignored, a stain can become a difficult-to-remove part of whatever it's on. In addition to being visually unappetizing, stains can often smell foul, disturbing your office workers as the process ruins fabrics on furniture and window treatments. SERVPRO has IICRC trained technicians to grapple with these problems.
SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County is ready to help with water damage to your business whenever and wherever it happens. Call us at (704) 847-8001 to find out how we can help your office to get back on its feet after a disaster.

Professional Help Is Key to Safe Mold Remediation in Charlotte

10/21/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Professional Help Is Key to Safe Mold Remediation in Charlotte Mold Can Grow in HVAC Systems in Charlotte

Charlotte Mold and Mildew Restoration Is a Cornerstone of SERVPRO Service

Mold grows almost anywhere moisture and organic material exist. Mold releases spores that spread through water and air. Spores in a home will grow on surfaces affected by moisture. A few of these surfaces can include wet clothes drying inside the home, basements, and crawl spaces, steam in the kitchen or bathroom, humidifier, and flooding.
Mold damage in Charlotte can be detected through its odor and our eyesight. Mold grows in different colors and appearances. Some produce a musty odor that is the first sign of its existence. To visibly find mold in your home is to look for its varied, colorful growth, water stains, or warping.
Two of the more common areas of your home to find mold when you smell it is the bathroom and kitchen. Bathrooms create mold growth on shower stalls, tiles, and shower curtains. Plenty of moisture expedites mold proliferation. Mold can grow on window moldings, the seal on a refrigerator door and areas around HVAC systems.
Is mold testing in North Carolina required? Right now, there are no laws regulating fungi levels in private homes in North Carolina, nor is it required by any local agency. Mold types will vary, depending on the area in your home, the current weather, and time of day. If you see its growth, the first step is to remove the water problem and its growth area should be cleaned as soon as possible. Relying on a mold remediation company like SERVPRO ensures proper treatment of infested areas, done in a safe and timely manner. We encourage homeowners to refrain from attempting do-it-yourself cleaning.
Using a licensed mold assessment service helps in identifying and cleaning mold growth to keep it from returning. SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County specializes in water and mold damage restoration. Our experts receive advanced training in restoration techniques through best practice methods of the IICRC and specialized equipment to promptly restore your property.
Call us today at (704) 847-8001 and learn how we can safely return your home to normal from mold infestation problems. We are your local go to company.

Basement Water Damage Can Come from Various Sources

10/10/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Basement Water Damage Can Come from Various Sources Basement moisture can be widespread. Call SERVPRO to figure out the cause and remediate!

SERVPRO Technicians are Equipped with Many Tools to Detect the Source of your Water Damage

Moisture problems in residential basements are common in North Carolina communities. As a homeowner, the basement is often neglected, but a weary eye is always needed for this substructure. There are different sources that can cause moisture problems in basements, but the top three involve water from rain or the ground. Other moisture sources can come from cooking, bathrooms, clothes dryers or a humidifier. Humid air from outdoors can enter the basement and condense on cooler surfaces.
If your basement is used for storage, moisture can pose a significant threat to your storage items. Finding the water source and taking steps for water removal in Charlotte homes is primary. Water damage will occur to books, photos, and other porous paper goods because they can easily absorb the moisture. Metal objects can begin to rust while furniture, carpeting, and clothing can start to show signs of mold and mildew. Invisible moisture content on cement or concrete will cause cracks within your foundation. This can lead to leaks, causing standing water to flood the basement when it rains.
Even though basement moisture is not uncommon, plumbing leaks can also be an added source of moisture build-up. Homeowners should look out for signs of plumbing problems. One place to check are the pipes in the ceiling, especially if they are under the kitchen sink. Another site is the drain line that removes water from the indoor section of your central air condition. If any of these lines become clogged or broken, they hold and can put out a significant amount of water.
If you suspect moisture problems, leaks or if a flood has affected your basement, this is the time when you need SERVPRO to examine and assess your home. Only a reliable renovation service can help at this time. They are armed with the best equipment that the IICRC industry uses, including powerful submersible pumps and industrial strength, wet/dry vacuums. They have moisture detectors, hygrometers, and infrared cameras which are also used for efficient water removal.
Once a water damage emergency happens in the southwestern part of North Carolina, the best advice is to call SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg County. We are a top leader in the restoration industry, which is locally owned and operated. We are a proud, active member of this community and we look forward to helping our neighbors with any water damage events. Call us at (704) 847-8001 and let us introduce our services to you. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Selecting a Fire Restoration Company

9/16/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Selecting a Fire Restoration Company Was Flames Cause Fire & Smoke Damage to Your Home in Charlotte, Rely on SERVPRO

Choose SERVPRO As The Right Fire Restoration Company

Fire damage in your home may result from a variety of sources some of which are completely outside of your control. For example, should a neighbor’s home experience a fire, it may cause damage to your home, or the weather may inflict destruction. SERVPRO urges you to act immediately. Following are some helpful tips to facilitate the relationship between you and your restoration firm.

Assessment and Contact
Charlotte fire damage may cause extensive damage to your property and infrastructure. Contracting a firm pays dividends for both large and small cases of damage. Upon discovering a fire, you are urged, of course, first to call fire emergency services. The firefighters will extinguish the conflagration and ensure the safety of your family. After this step, consider contacting a fire & smoke damage restoration firm, such as SERVPRO, and consult with us on your needs.

Initial Consultation
Upon contracting a restoration service, our firm will execute a set of procedures to measure the scale of work required. The professionals will begin by examining any fire & smoke damage to the structural integrity of the property as well as leaks that may precipitate water damage. Subsequently, we may initiate repairs for holes in the walls or roof as well as staircase or foundation reinforcements.

After this initial evaluation, we will then start to clean your property. This start of clean-up will encompass removing smoke and soot from the surrounding areas. These particulates have the capacity to travel seamlessly to adjacent areas and properties. Our technicians use industrial cleaning materials and applications to execute this step to ensure that even the most minute and hidden location is cleaned thoroughly. Pumps will be employed to remove any standing water resulting from a burst pipe or fire department action. For items that have been completely damaged by the fire and are no longer of any use, our fire damage restoration franchise will offer to handle the removal of these items. We will participate in executing repairs for furniture and other items damaged during the blaze. Often, rooms will be upgraded regarding functionality and style.

Prevention Tips
Our fire restoration company--SERVPRO--is eager to help you recover from the damage experienced to your home and property. The loss resulting from a fire for extended lengths of time can also be physically and mentally painful. Regarding prevention, we suggest to property owners to make sure their alarm systems function properly and that appliance are not over-loaded in a particular electrical outlet.

Locally Owned, with National Resources
We proudly serve the Charlotte community. SERVPRO of South Mecklenburg is locally owned and operated, so we’re already nearby and ready to help any-sized smoke and fire damage emergencies.
We use specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.  Call us for help.  (704) 847-8001