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The Importance Of Obtaining a Professional Water Damage Service

9/14/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Importance Of Obtaining a Professional Water Damage Service When Water Damages Your Home in Charlotte Rely on SERVPRO

SERVPRO Will Restore Your Water Damaged Home

Many homeowners do not want to think about the possibility of water damage to their homes, but the possibility can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. It's a good idea that you familiarize yourself with how to address this potential issue. The solution to restoring your home to its original condition is calling a team of professional water damage repair specialists like SERVPRO. Here are several benefits that will result from hiring professional help.

Professionals Utilize Special Equipment
The most pressing factor in reacting to water damage in your Charlotte home is water removal or extraction. An assessment and inspection of your property will govern the proper equipment to be utilized for the water extraction. This is a strong reason for hiring a water damage company like us, SERVPRO. In fact, our water damage restoration technicians have industry leading equipment at our disposal. Some of them include:

• vacuums, wet vacs portable
• pumping systems, trunk mounted and portable
• high volume air movers, to start the removal of moisture
• heat injectors
• dehumidifiers, several types
• moisture meters, check for moisture as an on-going process to help prevent secondary water damage
• detergents, decontamination products, and chemicals
Technicians will use these machines and chemicals to clean your property and destroy microbial threats like mold and mildew.

Industry Experience
Another benefit that results from securing a professional water damage service from SERVPRO is that our company's technicians will possess industry experience and are extremely well trained, having IICRC backed certifications. They follow the assessed plan of action and can respond to new circumstances on-the-fly.  We will often also have developed relationships with insurance providers and adjusters.

Call SERVPRO Today
When your property in Charlotte is impacted by water damage, obtaining professional services is a must. Over the years, SERVPRO has become an industry leader in the water damage restoration field because of our commitment to offering excellent services at affordable prices. We plan, remove water, clean the premises, repair, and restore when possible. Our goal is also to save you money on the restorative procedures and to get you back home as "if it never even happened."

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