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Can I Use My Garage?

The best answer we can give a homeowner in a situation where there has been a water loss like this one is "Yes! You can use your garage".Water had traveled from... READ MORE

Can You SEE the Difference? No, But You Can Smell It!

I could tease you and have you study the pictures and see if you could find the difference. However, that would not be nice. These pictures are of the same ki... READ MORE

Let Us Dry Up Your Mess!

The water "not" seen in the picture is from a leak. Even though this property owner was working hard and using the towels to help to soak up the water, there wa... READ MORE

The Difference Between Restoration and Demolition

We are committed to restoration whenever possible! Here's why! When you walk across your floors and suddenly your feet are wet, you have many thoughts! Most of... READ MORE

Storms can cause all kinds of damage!

In South Mecklenburg County, we are no strangers to sudden storms! Even though we love our trees and thick canopy sometimes these storms wreak havoc on them and... READ MORE

How much standing water is there?

When we arrived at this property, we found several inches of water throughout the home. A faulty water supply line caused water to run throughout the house. E... READ MORE

Why is water an issue after a fire or sprinkler malfunction?

Sometimes when there is a fire, there is actually more damage caused by the sprinkler system than the fire itself. This water loss actually came from a malfunct... READ MORE