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Why you Should Leave your Washing Machine Door Open and Other Tips

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Washing machine with dirty clothes Washing machine tips

Ewww- what is that smell and why do my clean clothes smell bad?

If you have a washing machine in your Charlotte, NC, home, especially a front loader, you probably know they have a tendency to grow mold over time.

  • The most important way to combat any mold and mildew growth is by leaving the door open whenever the washer is not in use. It is also important to pull out the detergent drawer at the same time.
  • Letting your washer dry out is imperative, so we also recommend transferring clean clothes to your dryer as soon as possible.
  • Moving clothes over quickly protects both the washer and your clothes from unwanted scents.
  • Wiping the drum, door and gasket monthly keeps scents out of the washer and off of your clothes. Using equal parts of vinegar and water is a safe and natural way to clean without putting your clothes at risk of stains.
  • When cleaning your washer you should also run an empty load with two cups of vinegar.
  • The right amount and kind of detergent is also important to avoid a buildup of residue.
  • Make sure you are only using a high-efficiency detergent in a high-efficiency machine, and always use the amounts recommended on the detergent bottle.

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Why Mold Smells and What To Do About It

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

If you have a mold problem in your Charlotte, NC, home, sometimes the first indication is the smell. Due to mycotoxin emission, mold often has a distinctive odor. Fortunately, this smell can be remedied.

Why Mold Smells

During its lifetime mild will produce gasses. Some of these gasses are called mycotoxins, which produce a musty odor. Some people also identify the odor as earth, pungent or damp. 

Although these are the more common descriptions of mold odor, it is important to understand that not all mold smells the same. Some types of mold may smell sweet, rotten or somewhere in between. Mold may also produce different odors at different stages in its lifestyle. An unusual odor in your home should be investigated to rule out the possibility of mold growth.

How To Remove Mold Odor

While mycotoxin production will stop after the mold has been thoroughly remediated, the associated odor can linger. If possible, open windows and doors to let in fresh air. You can also run a fan to increase airflow. Remember to keep closets and cabinets open to let those smaller spaces air out. Air purifiers and odor absorbers, like baking soda and activated charcoal, can be placed around the home to trap those unpleasant odors. Remember to change filters and replace odor absorbers often. 

Run rugs and other fabrics through the washing machine if possible and add vinegar or baking soda to the wash to help eliminate odors. Thorough carpet cleaning can help if the musty odor is trapped in carpet fibers. Items that cannot be washed can be placed outside. Fresh air and sunshine can both help eliminate those musty odors. 

Whether you are working through the initial mold remediation process or dealing with lingering mold odors, an experienced restoration service can help. They have the tools and experience necessary to get your home fresh and clean.